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Terms and Conditions for Kitchen Ministers of India

Last updated: 21st January 2022

By entering this contest, you ("Contestant") agree to follow and comply with the following Terms and Conditions ("Terms") as stated below:

Details of the Contest and Participation Guidelines:#

  • The Contest Kitchen Ministers of India will commence on 25th January 2022 12:00 A.M.

  • This Contest is available on the Moj Android and iOS app.

  • Participation guidelines for a valid entry are as stated below:

    1. Contestant must use #kitchenministersofIndia in the video caption in order to make it a valid entry. Videos that are submitted with incorrect hashtags shall not be considered for this Contest.

    2. Only entries submitted in the time frame of the Contest (as stated above) shall be considered for review.

    3. Contestants are only allowed to use audio which is available in the Moj Music library in order to submit content for their entries. Any unauthorized use of third party intellectual property rights in the content will result in an invalid entry and takedown of such content from the platform.

    4. It is explicitly stated that any entry which falls under any of the below mentioned criteria, will not be considered a valid entry under these Terms and will be immediately disqualified from the Contest:

      • Image/video/text containing objectionable or obscene content (including but not limited to pornography, nude pictures, objectionable gestures, etc.)

      • Image/video/text containing offensive or violent content including but not limited to abusive language, and/or content that discriminates or spreads hate speech based on colour, community, caste, creed, nationality, race,ethnicity, disability (physical or mental), diseases or gender etc.

      • Image/video/text that contains politically themed images such as photographs of political leaders, political party signs, symbols or logos;

      • Comments accompanying the image/video that contain any of the above mentioned content;

      • Any comment or image/video that contains content which violates copyright or the intellectual property rights of a third party. Any Image/video/text that is not in compliance with Moj community guidelines and terms of use or any other policies available at policies.

  • Entries shall be considered valid for the purpose of the Contest, only if the content is not derogatory or offensive in any manner whatsoever and complies with the Moj terms of use and Moj community guidelines.

Eligibility criteria:#

  • Contestants below the age of 18 years will require explicit parental/guardian consent to participate in the Contest. The consent form for the same is available as a google form. Entries submitted without agreeing to the consent form(as hyperlink above) for Contestants below 18 years of age will be considered invalid.
  • This Contest is not open to employees working at Moj or its partners/agencies, their immediate family members or anyone else associated with organising and conducting this Contest.


  • 21 State Kitchen Ministers will get a voucher worth INR 25,000 each.
  • 6 Weekly Winners will get vouchers worth INR 5,000 each on being announced.

Selection Criteria:#

  • Entries that fulfil all the guidelines as mentioned in the Terms shall be considered as valid and eligible to win the Contest.
  • Moj shall announce the final Contest winners. 21 State Kitchen Ministers will get a voucher worth INR 25,000. 6 Weekly Winners will get vouchers worth INR 5,000 each on being - announced. These winners will win the conclusion of the Contest depending on the position held, which shall be posted on Moj's official Instagram and Moj's official handle through a video.
  • Announcement of all winners will be at the sole discretion of Moj based on the engagement criteria of the content posted on the platform and any other criteria as decided by Moj. Mere participation in the Contest does not guarantee winning or any prizes.
  • The winner shall be required to send a direct message on a whatsapp number shared by Moj within 72 hours of announcement of the winners and each winner must respond with their correct identification for verification purposes, within 72 hours to claim his/her prize. In case the winner does not communicate and/or fails to provide required details within these 48 hours, he/she will not be eligible for the prize and the prize shall be transferred to the next eligible winner. Moj shall not be responsible for the winner's failure to share the complete and correct details.

Additional Terms and Conditions:#

  • The winners must, at the request of Moj, participate in all promotional activity (such as publicity and photography) for the Contest, free of charge, and they consent to Moj Using their name and image in all promotional materials.
  • By participating in the Contest, each Contestant hereby agrees to receive details and information on this Contest, on their respective mobile phones, through SMS or voice calls, during the entire duration of the Contest.
  • The winnings/rewards to be provided is subject to the Contestant creating original quality content satisfactory to Moj, and other such criteria that would be considered at the discretion of Moj for evaluation of the eligibility of the Contestant for the winnings. No winnings/prize is guaranteed for participation in the Contest,Moj at its sole discretion will determine who may be eligible to win the prizes.
  • All the terms of the Contest and the value of the prizes may be reasonably amended as per our discretion. Moj Reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to amend or modify these terms and conditions, or cancel the Contest without any prior notice.
  • Moj's decision shall be final in all aspects
  • Moj reserves its right to substitute and/or replace the winnings with a prize or service of equivalent value without prior notice.
  • In no event, shall Moj be liable for any damages, losses, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by the participant as a result of participating in the Contest