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Referral FAQ

Last updated: 22nd November 2021

What is the Moj Referral Program?

Moj Referral Program is a user invitation program using which Moj users can win reward by inviting their friends and family to Moj app

How to win rewards using the Moj Referral Program?

Each time you invite a friend who installs the app you get Rs 5 & 2 Spins. Your friend who installs the app and creates an account on Moj also gets Rs 5 and 1 Spin. You can use spins to play Spin & Win and win anywhere between the range of 0 Rs to 10,000 Rs using your spin.

My friends don't see the rewards program on their phones. Why?

The Moj Referral Program has been opened for only a set of eligible users. Also, this program is only made available on Moj Android App.

I referred a friend and he has verified his account using Facebook, but I haven't yet received any reward. Why?

Invitees have to verify their account using either phone number or Truecaller to become eligible for the rewards.

Can I use apps like parallel space?

No. Clone apps, emulators and rooted devices are not eligible for the rewards program. You may be banned for life for using such apps.

How do I redeem the rewards I have won

You need to add bank account details in order to redeem the rewards won. We will be adding more modes for redemption in future.

Moj Referral Program Rules & Guidelines#

Please read the below rules before participating in the Moj Referral Program. By participating, you confirm that you have read and agreed to all the below mentioned rules.

  1. Moj Referral Programme rewards rules:
    • Step 1: Invite your Friends:
      • Each time you invite a friend who installs the app you get Rs 5 & 2 Spins. Your friend who installs the app and creates an account on Moj also gets Rs 5 and 1 Spin.
      • You can invite a maximum of 20 Friends in day and you can onboard 500 new users for the duration of the program.
      • You will be rewarded only for the first 20 successful referrals in a day.
    • Step 2: Play Spin & Win:
      • You can use a maximum of 5 Spins a day.
      • The rewards can range anywhere between 0 Rs to 10,000 Rs when use your spin.
      • If you refer more than 10 users in a row you are rewarded a streak bonus which get automatically applied when you use your first spin after completing your streak.
      • Your spins have an expiry period of 7 days.
      • The more streaks you have the closer you get to winning the Jackpot.
  2. A New User refers to an invitee who downloads the Moj app on their device for the first time.
  3. A Successful Referral is when a new user downloads the Moj App using the referral link and creates an account on the app.
  4. Limits: During the program, every user can invite up to 20 new users.
  5. When an invitee successfully installs the app and logs in, the same user is not applicable for re-invitation. We identify new users as per the registered phone number, device information and other user related information.
  6. Redemption
    • One user can link only one bank account to their profile.
    • Once a user has redeemed their reward to one bank account, the same bank account can not be used by any other user.
    • Please confirm your bank account details before redeeming your reward. Moj will not be responsible for incorrect bank details provided.
  7. Criteria for disqualification:
    • Virtual phone numbers are not allowed to participate in the referral program
    • Use of third party tools such as emulators to interfere or modify the app activity is strictly prohibited.
    • Moj app reserves the right to ban users with suspected fraudulent activities on the platform.
  8. The Moj Referral Program is only available on the Moj Android app. Installs on Moj iOS app and Moj Lite app will not be eligible for the referral rewards.

Terms & Privacy and Community Guidelines of Moj app also apply to this event.

For more information, please refer to Moj Referral Program Terms and Conditions and FAQ.