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Rules and FAQs- Moj Creator Referral Program

Last updated: 22nd September 2022

What is the Moj Creator Referral Program?

The Moj Creator Referral Program is an invitation program in which existing Moj users can win rewards by referring their fellow creators to the Moj app. This referral program will run on the Moj Android and iOS applications and its versions provided by Mohalla Tech Private Limited (“MTPL”), collectively referred to as the "Platform"

Who can you refer?

You can refer creators from Moj and other platforms as well:

  • New creators: Original content creators with at least 5 videos on other platforms.
  • Moj creators: Original content creators with at least 5 videos on Moj.
  • How can you refer?

    Share the link generated through the creator referral page and send it across.

    When will you be rewarded?

    You will win Rs. 50 (100 Mints) for every successful referral (once the invitee has clicked on the link shared by the referrer, installed the Moj app if not on Moj already, applied for the MFC program and got selected in the MFC program ).

    Note : Your friends should apply in the MFC program within 7 days for referrals to be considered.After application to MFC, our team can take upto 15-20 days for verification of the referral, and upon successful referral the creator referring will win Rs. 50 (100 Mints). Amount should start reflecting in your wallet within 1-2 days of selection.

    When will a creator be eligible to apply for the MFC program?

    Please refer to the T&Cs of the MFC program.

    Once a part of the Moj creator ecosystem (selected in MFC), how will the creator be rewarded?

    The creator will be eligible for both monetary and non-monetary rewards.

  • Earn with weekly incentives
  • Brand collaborations
  • Earn with the Creator Referral Program
  • Non-Monetary:
  • Performance insights
  • Badges on the profile
  • Direct communication with Moj
  • Gifts From Moj