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Terms of services

Last updated: 3 Feb 2022

By entering this Moj For Creator Program (“Program”), you agree to follow and comply with the following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) as stated below:

  • A creator will be eligible for application if the creator has completed the profile information and has uploaded a minimum of five (5) videos in the last thirty (30) days including at least one (1) video with the Moj Camera
  • The videos uploaded should be their original creations and should be in line with Moj’s Community Guidelines.We encourage the creators to use the vast music library which is available in the Moj application in order to upload content. In the event of a copyright claim or any reported unauthorized use of third party intellectual property rights, we will take down such content from the platform
  • All applications go through a review process and the selection for the Program is subject to but not limited to the creator’s originality, consistency, content genre, and quality. Moj reserves the sole discretion in making this decision. All decisions are final in this regard
  • All content uploaded by the creators should be in compliance with the Moj Terms of Use, Moj Community Guidelines and other policies available at Any content that does not conform to the above mentioned rules, will be taken down from the platform. In the event of repeated violations of our community standards, your account may be demonitised and restricted from participating in future applications. We may also also take down your account from our platform
  • Creators whose applications are not selected for the Program, may be eligible for a re-application after a period of 30 days
  • All selected creators who are a part of the Program, may be eligible for cash rewards subject to their videos meeting the requirements as made from time to time
  • Rewards for a particular creator will be calculated based on the views and other performance parameters, in addition to their performance with respect to other participants under the Program. These are variable rewards and the calculation criteria may be subject to change
  • All monetary rewards shall be subject to a 10% TDS deduction in compliance with applicable Indian laws