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Transparency Report

1st September 2022- 30th September 2022

We are committed to providing a secure environment for our users. We are publishing this monthly transparency report for Moj and its versions for the month of September 2022 to provide an insight to various stakeholders, into our efforts at keeping the platform safe for our users and upholding the first principles of online safety.

This report highlights various data points pertaining to the legal requests that we have received from law enforcement authorities and how we responded to the same, the total number of user reports received, and the enforcement actions that we have taken in terms of takedown as well as ban actions based on the violation of our community standards.

1. Law Enforcement Requests

The below table captures the total number of legal notices that we have received for Moj from law enforcement authorities and investigating agencies for the month of September. We review these requests and share user profile data with the law enforcement authorities for valid requests, provided that the correct and complete details of such user accounts are sent to us. We may also take an action in the form of content/account take down in case there is a violation of our community guidelines

Law enforcement requests receivedRequests where user data was providedRequests wherein a takedown/ban action was taken on the basis of violation of our community guidelines

September 2022

2. Overview of User Reports

In September 2022, we received a total of 2,637,632 user reports via the reporting mechanisms available across the platform.

Total number of user reports received for Moj2,637,632

September 2022

These reports are further broken down into various categories as tagged by our users. Our users have the option to report other user profiles as well as individual content for violation of our policy standards.

ReasonsContent and accounts reportedContribution percentage of user complaints received
Suicide/Dangerous Acts34,000 1.29%
Hate speech153,478 5.82%
Inappropriate username/handle/status9,5860.36%
Sharing personal information17,0930.65%
Illegal activities123,6914.69%
Inappropriate comments16,0310.61%
Inappropriate profile picture19,1290.73%
Fake profile20,6670.78%
Sexually explicit content248,8449.43%
Abusive language486,51018.44%
Others213,655 8.10%

September 2022

3. Enforcement Actions (Takedown)

We take proactive removal actions to ensure platform safety basis the violation of our Community Guidelines, Terms of Use and other policy standards. All existing policies for Moj can be accessed here.

We review the user reports that are sent to us and enforce removal actions if the alleged content is against our community standards.

We have a reporting mechanism available at to enable copyright holders to submit claims for content on the platform that infringes their intellectual property rights. We review these claims and take down infringing content in accordance with applicable laws if valid takedown requests are submitted via the copyright tool reporting mechanism.

Takedown basis violation of Community Guidelines
Categories of contentContent pieces taken down
Copyright violations2
Sexually explicit366,545
UGC- violation of community standards11,22,485

September 2022

4. Enforcement Actions (Ban)

In instances where our community guidelines are repeatedly breached, we permanently terminate the user's account for a period of 360 days. In September 2022, we permanently terminated 37 user accounts from Moj.

In addition to the above, we enforce account-level bans spread across different time periods depending on the severity of the violation.

The bans can be enforced in the form of a UGC ban (user is unable to post any content on the platform for the specified ban duration), an edit profile ban (user is unable to edit any profile attributes for the specified time period) and comment ban (user is banned from commenting on any post on the platform for the specified ban duration). The duration of these bans can vary from one day, seven days, 30 days to 360 days.

Ban durationUGC banEdit Profile banComment ban
360 days2,00541137
30 days5,058 212,099
7 days7,959892 16,808
1 day325

September 2022